• Carry out feasibility studies on your projects to determine where prefabrication could work and possibly save you time and money – logistics planning and co-ordination.
  • Design new & innovative custom-made prefab products to suit the individual needs of your project form the supply chain or bespoke to your project.
  • Existing products used in innovative and certified ways.
  • Detail how to integrate prefab with traditional build methods to give you the most cost-effective solution.
  • Show you how to improve the quality of your finished build – buildability.
  • Improve the sustainability of your build making your offer far more attractive to your clients.
  • Introduce suitable supply chain partners and set up and host visits to meet potential partners / clients and to see exemplar projects which have benefited from the use of prefabricated and new technology.
  • Fee would be returned if we contract on the project.

Construction Solutions

  • Carry out feasibility studies on logistics and provide suitable project focussed solutions.
  • Programme benefit.
  • Provide independent BIM integrated design detailing at the earliest project stages to improve buildability.
  • Detail how to integrate prefab with traditional build methods to give you the most cost-effective solution.
  • Calculate periphery waste, labour, carbon and associated savings that each possible solution can provide.
  • Introduce the correct blend of suppliers and subcontractors that suit the project specifics not just the same old solution.


  • IBP to be involved as early as stage 0.
  • Stages 3, 4 & 5 can be achieved as early as stage 2.
  • Cost certainty can also be added to each stage.
  • Detailed coordinated BIM model for integration into project federated mode.
  • Early coordinated and assured.

Manufactured Solutions

  • Provide technical solutions to your project which may involved a team of subcontractors/suppliers to suit the issue and not just one.
  • Provide detailed critique of potential of site solutions for client consideration based upon experiences and not tick sheets.
  • Encourage and bring suitable suppliers to the table who could provide far more than just a single solution.
  • Make sure what been quoted is suitable and provide independent constructional advice based on experience.
  • Introduce suitable subcontractors and suppliers from all over the world and not just the same potential suppliers.
  • Provide pragmatic project solution of the right mix and blend.

Leading Edge Contracting

  • Being part of the solution to the client from start to end and beyond with our extended offer beyond PC.
  • Full contracting solution to each project being part of the building cycle and integral with other fellow contractors.
  • Adding new aspects to package contracting extending our offer to give true savings in time, cost, naturally enhancing quality and health and safety.
  • Add modular, offsite, innovation and the correct team to provide a unique solution and publishing the benefits or failures in an open honest approach.
  • Removing unnecessary cost on costs and giving transparency.

Upcycling & Retrofit

  • Creative re-use of material from project to project.
  • Advice and design of suitable re uses into project goals.
  • Separation of value added and specific project to project products.
  • Supply chain involvement and upkeep of relevant standards and performance.
  • Re-coating advice from supply chain and subsequent risks/rewards on products.
  • New technology integration into existing fabric to provide increased performance/efficiency and environmental.
  • Valuation of options and sampling so decision making can be made at the correct time.

Specialist Advice

  • We want to change construction; package contracting and provide something new to the industry.
  • We will be able to answer and provide solutions but won’t hesitate to call in experts (eg. stone etc).
  • Use our experience and advice, we will not be able to contract on all projects we provide advice on but want to work for those who embrace our philosophies.
  • A good solution is only good if we all use it for the complete Industry benefit.
  • We can provide very detailed integrated BIM at the earliest opportunity in a project cycle, use it wisely and effectively.
  • Our hair is grey as we have lived and seen many many experiences mostly good but some bad, use our experience and honesty to good use.
  • We will not finger point and use our wisdom and innovation.